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We can provide a full technical SEO report of your site that outlines all the problems that exisit and how to solve them.

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If you are struggling to see the results from your website that you are expecting, it's most likely you need a tehnical audit to highlight any issues. Technical SEO is now such an important part of optimising a site, that many are falling behind. So far bahind, that sites are starting to drop in page and site ranking, and often for simple problems that can be easily fixed.

Our technical SEO audit is so detailed that we will highlight all the issues, and provide solutions on how to fix them. We can also inplement the soltuions.

If you are currently paying for digital marketing and PPC advertising, you need a solid foundation. Your website should be in tip-top condition before you pay out for anything on marketing and advertising, as if it's not, you will be wasting your money.

Search Engine Optimisation today is no longer just about creating content and writing it in the best way. Recent changes to search engine algorithms are starting to impact your page and site rankings in search results. Some of these changes introduced only last year are directly related to the performance and user experience of your site, and more specifically, how it performs on mobile devices.

Search engines today analyse a number of key factors of a website to calculate page and site ranking. With Google still being the dominant search engine in the market place, close attention should be paid to the standards set by Google. (As of June 2021, Google still has a market share of over 92%).

A significant part of this analysis is directly related to user experience and performance. Along with containing the relevant content your potential market wants to find, websites also need to present it in a way that provides an excellent user experience and be optimised to load quickly. Optimising a site for search engines is no longer about just adding in specific words and writing content. Care and attention must be given to how the site is structured, they way it is built, and how visitors will interact.

In May of 2020 Google announced that page experience signals would be included in Google Search Ranking. These signals measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. This was finally rolled out in May of 2021. Whilst Google does not release specific details of the weight of this analysis or how it is included in the overall page and site ranking score, it is already having an impact on search results and will most likely be given more priority and weight to the final score over time.

User experience and technical SEO are both now such an important factor in building a site that strict design and development methodologies must be followed to ensure all of Google’s core standards are met to produce an optimised site. This provides a strong foundation of any marketing and advertising campaign and gives your content the platform it needs to be seen and heard (or, read online).

Where a website does not meet these standards your ROI will be negatively impacted and the end result is a loss of opportunities and wasted time, money and resources.
When designing and developing websites, there are a number of methodologies and tools that can be used to write code, to analyse a site and compare it to some of the core metrics Google uses to rank sites in its search results. Today it is imperative that these tools are used during the development lifecycle.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are metrics that Google uses to produce reports on how a web page performs based on real world usage data. Google has provided an online tool that anyone can use to identify issues and offers suggestions on fixes.
(There are many others that experience developers use to test and produce a technically optimised website). and are two websites that analyse and produce information for free. As part of the development lifecycle and UAT of a site, it is imperative that these types of tools are used to analyse the site to determine if it is suitable to go live.

The three core elements are:

LCP - Largest Contentful Paint

This is the amount of time it takes to render the largest content element that is visible on the viewport. e.g. an image or video on a requested URL.

FID - First Input Delay

The time taken from when a user first interacts with your page (clicking a link) to the time taken for the browser to respond to that interaction.

CLS - Cumulative Layout Shift

The sum total of all the individual shift scores for every unexpected layout shift that occurs during the lifespan of the page.


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